About The Centre

Younan Hozaya Centre for Research and Future Studies is the anchor for the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac studies and research. It provides a forum for Assyrian Chaldean academics, poets, researchers, linguists and other experts to publish and discuss issues related to the language, culture and traditions of this ancient nation that dates back to 5000 years.

The Centre was named after the late Mr. Younan Hozaya, a poet, linguist, writer and a researcher who devoted his entire life to the development of the Assyrian Chaldean language and culture. Mr. Hozaya (1955-2016) published entire school curricula in Syriac language. Furthermore, he published lexicons and dictionaries focusing on the modern language used by people of this nation. Mr. Hozaya is considered as one of the pillars of the modern Assyrian Chaldean educational reform movement of the 21st century.

The Centre is based in Melbourne, Australia, with a number of branches in Europe, USA, Iraq and Lebanon. It aims to encourage academics and experts to put together plans for future development of the Syriac language which was once spoken by Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago, prevent it from becoming extinct due to cultural assimilation, and to avoid losing the written and spoken heritage of this culture.

The Centre survives with the financial help of companies, organizations and individuals who provide financial support to the Centre as they wholeheartedly believe in its identity, purpose and future.

All financial support received by the Centre will go towards providing resources for all researchers, academics and experts who will contribute to the Centre. Prizes will also be given to the best research and publication that experts will produce.