The Yonan Hozaya centre were honored to be invited to the Multicultural Peace Day for Diversity Week 2023 held in Melbourne, Australia on March 11th. Members from our executive committee attended and showcased our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac culture to all attendees.

The Yonan Hozaya Center is pleased to announce the below new elected members to serve and form the Executive Committee. It was formed on Sunday, December 11, 2022. We congratulate and warmly welcome them:

President- Kamil Kunda

Secretary (Public Officer)- Marina Yakou

Treasurer (Financial Officer)- Van Gliana

Media Coordinator- Adel Danno Youhanna

Public Relations Officer- Nisha Marqus (Hozaya)

Iraqi Branch officer- Batrus Nabaty

Australian Branch officer- Adib Goga Matti

USA Branch officer- Ghazi Raho

European Branch officer- Iskander Bikasha

We look forward to reaping the fruits of their hard work for the benefit of our community and people through the Yonan Hozaya Centre for Research and Future Studies.”